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Your Debt Buying Partner...

What We Do...

Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Phoenix Asset Group LLC is a direct purchaser of distressed receivables originated by banks, credit unions, and other credit grantors. We maintain strong, long-term relationships with these partners and have earned their respect as being a legally compliant and responsible debt buyer. 

Online Shopping

Selling your receivables to Phoenix Asset Group LLC places your business at an immediate advantage. Not only does your business receive a guaranteed amount upfront, allowing your business to do more business, but it also eliminates the time, costs, and hassles of dealing with ineffective collection options.  With cash-on-hand and multiple credit lines, our company is able to fund a multi-million dollar transaction in as little as 24 hours. 


Phoenix Asset Group LLC has developed a portfolio management platform partnership with individual debt purchasers that may not have the tools, experience, systems, contacts, and outsourcing platform available to achieve optimal results. We manage all aspects of your debt portfolio purchase including analytics, due-diligence, systems management, outsourcing, compliance, audits, and more. 




Success begins with great people, a philosophy we firmly believe. Our Management Team has more than 100 years of combined experience and has been involved with the debt collection business since the mid-1980's. This expertise has helped make our company an astounding success but has benefited our clients and debt buying partners. 

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