A Strong Partner...

Phoenix Asset Group LLC partners with individuals who wish to acquire and liquidate debt portfolios but do not have the tools, experience, systems, contacts, and outsourcing platform available to achieve optimum results. Our experienced staff manages all aspects of this relationship including portfolio analytics, due diligence, systems management, outsourcing, compliance, audits, and portfolio sales.


We offer partners two forms of passive income driven by a single investment vehicle that is reliable, secure, and capable of future growth. Partners receive interest payments on a quarterly basis and generous profit-sharing incentives at the end of each term. It is not uncommon for our partners to see yields that far outpace their expectations.

Portfolio Purchases
Our partners are protected by collateralizing an asset that has real value in the marketplace. Though there are risks in purchasing portfolios, there are not many opportunities that exist which offer peace of mind to the extent of ours. 

Our Management Team has more than 100 years of combined experience and has been working in the debt collection business since the mid-1980's. This expertise, combined with strong decision making, has made our company an astounding success and has directly benefited our business partners. 


We do not view transparency as being just another buzzword! We put all of our cards on the table, making every bit of information from hard numbers to challenges and concerns available to our partners, without objection or delay. We believe this is a key component to building and maintaining a strong relationship.


We have developed five unique liquidation strategies to maximize performance and diversify recoveries for our partners. These strategies are proven and have delivered strong results month-over-month since their inception.


Want more information on partnering with Phoenix Asset Group LLC? Provide us with your contact information below and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly.



The opportunity we offer to our partners is permanent and can generate passive income for years to come. Over the last decade, we have built relationships with hundreds of partners around the world, helping them build a strong source of passive income.

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